Sabin Todorov on Piano
Sal La Rocca on Double Bass
Stephan Pougin on Drums and percussion
Annemie Osborne on Cello

The album is released on the 1st of October 2016 at Indiblue Records.
‘We are One’ was accepted FYC to the 60th annual Grammy Awards 2018.

Review by ‘Jazzmozaiek’ march 2017 by Marc Van de Walle

What caught our attention about this first album was the warm, clear and simultaneously transparent voice of the singer. Much appreciated in the eleven self-written songs. Most of the tunes are actually immersive songs (often lyrical ballads) with a ferm amount of melodic jazz.

With lots of expression, her own lyrics are brougth to life and thus she weaves her own universe in which the musicians play a beautiful part. Sabin Todorov emphasizes the lyrical character of the album with beautiful and intimate play even so in his solos.

She sets out a firm melodic line standing strong and signs up for refined arrangements. Not much we can say about that, as this album is very homogenous in atmosphere and level.

Sal La Rocca on bass follows eloquent and neatly with the melody : the appropriate note with the right intonation at the right time. An art unto itself.  The drummer keeps it sober but plays very responsive with the fluctuations in the music – not an easy job – but executed with verve. Especially as Stephan Pougin uses the percussion with an adequate sensitivity, which makes the rhythmic section very interesting.

The collaboration with cellist Annemie Osborne let’s us know what possibilities this band has.  Subtle is one. This instrument brings very pleasant highlights and a fluid approach with the vocals.  ‘Time and Water’ are  outright beautiful.

We were pleasantly surprised by this album of a singer and a quartet, who complete each other.  With this debut work you have every reason to be proud. You’ll get entrance to a very beautiful build up world of lyrics and tunes in harmony with each other.A voice with a lot of potential and lyrics that have something to say.