Stephan Pougin has worked and shared the music scene with many artists and in a variety of formations such as : Aurélia, Tuur Florizoone, Zefiro Torna, Mikis Théodorakis, Pirly Zustrassen, Panta Rhei, Steve Houben, Greg Houben, Jacques Pirotton, Après un rêve, La Cetra D’Orfeo, Rêve d’Eléphant Orchestra, Zongora, Al Orkesta etc…

In a course of over more than 70 albums he reflects the acoustic curiosity of a captivating percussionist waking up all of our senses.

Under his father’s influence he starts his initiation into music at the age of 2.  Over the years his musical career blossoms with the help of various teachers such as Louis Marceau, Francis Leroy of the Academy of Etterbeek.   This is where he optains the ‘Government medal’ for percussion.

He perfects himself further with other names (Georges-Elie Octors, Bob Van Sice, Didier Labarre, Antoine Cirri, Billy Hart,…)

As a musician he has shaped his experience through the meetings with other musicians such as Steve Houben, Jacques Pirotton, Michaël Grebil, Marito Correa, Michel Herr, Garet List…  In working together this has pushed him to reach higher levels.

All of these different influences have made him a generous and unique musician.  Attractive and sensual, he offers us a touch of Africa, the Balkans or even Brazil.

Actually he doesn’t fit in any pattern and goes from jazz to classical music to folk to Bossa Nova.